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Petrine  Privilege / Favour of the Faith
(Extra code, CDF Instruction, 30 April 2001)

This process may arise when the marriage involves one baptized person (in the Catholic Church) and one non-baptized person. The case is prepared by the Ecclesiastical Tribunal and is sent to Roman Rota for a decision. Only the Holy Father may set aside this union in favour of the faith of the Catholic party with whom a new marriage is desired.


  1. X, an unbaptized person, marries Y, also an unbaptized person.

  2. The non-baptism of both X and Y can be proven.

  3. The marriage ends in civil divorce.

  4. X, desiring a Catholic marriage with Z (Catholic), with no intention of Baptism.


To aid the process, the names and addresses of witnesses who can attest to the non-baptism of that person, preferably parents, are needed. Other necessary documentation includes the marriage certificate and the divorce decree to be provided.

Click           to download the Dissolution of Marriage form for Non Consummation/ Favour of the Faith

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